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Preservation Today

Today there are many preservation projects underway across the country, and yet many more await the funding and manpower to be undertaken.

Following in the footsteps of notable successes such as Wavertree and Elissa, and with a long history of involvement in many worthwhile projects, NMHS currently supports preservation efforts for the following three ships:

SS United States

Falls of Clyde


Also published in each edition of Sea History magazine is a feature we call “Historic Ships on a Lee Shore.” National Maritime Historical Society believes in rallying around these preservation efforts and attempts to bring national attention to the plight of ships of every variety.

Browse these titles for a past article that might interest you.

Baltimore (steam tug): “Steam Tug Baltimore” by Stephen Heaver. SH 110:35.

SS Catalina (steamship): “SS Catalina, Mayday Call” by Deirdre O’Regan. SH 106:19.

Cutty Sark: “Cutty Sark in Flames” SH 120:12-14.

Duwamish (fireboat): “Fireboat Duwamish” by John M. Rose. SH 109:31.

Ernestina (schooner): “Schooner Ernestina ex-Effie M. Morrissey” by Deirdre O’Regan. SH 106:15-17.

Falls of Clyde: “Holding Out Hope for the Falls of ClydeSH 124:40-43.

USS Hornet (aircraft carrier): “USS Hornet” by Ralph Johnson. SH 109:30.

SS Meteor (whaleback): “A Better Approach for the 21st Century” SH 111:32.

USS New Jersey (battleship): “Battleship New Jersey” by Jack Willard. SH 107:12.

New York Central No. 16 (tug): “New York Central No. 16” by Thomas Flagg. SH 116:36.

SS Nobska (coastal steamship): “SS Nobska” by Deirde O’Regan and Tom Carroll. SH 108:32.

Quinnipiac oyster barge: “Saving the Last New York City Oyster Barge in Fair Haven, Connecticut” by James B. Kirk and John M. Kochiss. SH:107:13.

USS Slater (DE-766): “USS Slater (DE-766)” SH 115:18.

SS United States (ocean liner): “SS United States” by Robert H. Westover. SH 108:33.

USCGC Tamaroa, ex-USS Zuni: “Tamaroa Slugs Her Way Through History” SH 122:34-37.

Wapama: “Toward an American Ship Trust” by Peter Stanford. SH 117:28-29.

Wavertree: “Why Save Historic Ships?” by Peter Stanford. SH 110:32-34.

Wawona: “Schooner Wawona” by Joe Follansbee. SH 108:18.