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Adventurehistoric schooner
Gloucester, MA

USS Alabama – WWII battleship
Mobile, AL

HMS BelfastWWII cruiser
London, UK

Californian – official tall ship of the State of California
San Diego, CA

Charles W. Morgan – historic wooden whaleshipMystic, CT

USS Constitution – the world’s oldest commissioned naval vessel afloat
Charlestown, MA

USS Constellation – historic sloop-of-war
Baltimore, MD

Cutty Sark – historic clipper ship
Greenwich, UK

Ernestina – historic schooner
New Bedford, MA

Hermione replica of 18th-century ship, sail-training vessel
Rochefort, France

USS Intrepid – aircraft carrier
New York, NY

SS John W. Brown – Liberty ship
Baltimore, MD

USS Lexington – Essex-class aircraft carrier
Corpus Christi, TX

USS Midway – aircraft carrier
San Diego, CA

USS North Carolina – battleship
Wilmington, NC

SSV Oliver Hazard Perry – sail training vessel
Newport, RI,

Olympia – cruiser, flagship of ADM Dewey at Manila Bay
Philadelphia, PA

Onrust replica of a Dutch wooden ship
Waterford Park, NY

San Salvador – replica of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo’s flagship
San Diego, CA

USS Slater – WWII destroyer escort
Albany, NY

Star of India – historic barque
San Diego, CA

“HMS” Surprise – replica of 18th-century Royal Navy frigate
San Diego, CA