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Vessel Types

It is often said: “a boat can fit on a ship, but a ship can’t fit on a boat.”


Check out even more vessel types below.

“All Aboard a Tall Ship”
barque Sea History 111: pages 26-27
“Build Yourself a Boat in One Day”
boatbuilding Sea History 105: page 24
“Inside the Box”
container ships Sea History 114: page 20
“X-Wing Fighting Ships”
experimental ships Sea History 104: page 36
“A Blast from the Past”
gunship Sea History 105: page 24
“Hard Water Boating”
iceboats Sea History 106: page 27
“The Monitor and the Merrimacks Second Battle?”
ironclads Sea History 108: page 21
“The Titanic’s Other Survivors”
lifeboats Sea History 105: page 24
History’s First Watercraft”
rafts Sea History 105: page 26
“Ro-ro, Row Your Boat”
ro-ro (roll-on, roll-off) Sea History 114: page 21
“Mutiny on the Bounty
schooner Sea History 121: page 34
“The Christmas Tree Ships of Lake Michigan”
schooner Sea History 113: page 22
“The Many Lives of Ernestina
schooners Sea History 114: page 22
“A Cargo of History in a Kansas Field”
steamships Sea History 104: page 36
“A Groundbreaking Steamboat Voyage”
steamships Sea History 105: page 26
“Lost in a Storm of Confusion”
steamships Sea History 107: page 27