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Famous mariners, world explorers, and notorious pirates


Meet even more famous figures below!

“Sailing to the North Pole”
Robert Peary Sea History 117: page 30
“Munity on the Bounty”
Capt. William Bligh Fletcher Christian Sea History 121: page 34
“Columbus Crosses the Ocean Again”
Christopher Columbus Sea History 105: page 25
“Albert Einstein, Sailor”
Albert Einstein Sea History 117: page 32
Lewis and Clark’s Iron Experiment”
Lewis and Clark Expedition Sea History 106: page 26
“Where in the World …was Ferdinand Magellan?”
Ferdinand Magellan Sea History 112: pages 20-21
Little Lord Nelson”
Horation Nelson Sea History 106: page 27
“Fearless Nelson”
Horatio Nelson Sea History 110: page 20
“Lewis and Clark (and Smith)?”
Captain John Smith Sea History 107: page 28
“Was Squanto an English Sailor?”
Squanto Sea History 105: page 25
“How We Know about John Smith and Pocahontas”
Pocahontas Sea History 118: page 32