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Named Vessels

Famous ships and vessels that made a “splash” in history

Yacht of War








Have fun exploring even more historic ships below!

“Yacht of War”
America (yacht) Sea History 106: page 28


“A Cargo of History Buried in a Kansas Field”
Arabia (steamboat) Sea History 104: page 36


“Mutiny on the Bounty”
HMS Bounty Sea History 121: page 34


“A Blast from the Past”
USS Cairo (Civil War gunship) Sea History 105: page 24


“Old Ironsides
USS Constitution (“Old Ironsides”) Sea History 120: page 22


“Great Lakes Ghost Ship: the Cornielia B. Windiate”
Cornelia B. Windiate (schooner) Sea History 121: page 35


“Kid Adventurer”
Effie M. Morrissey (schooner) Sea History 105: page 27


“The Many Lives of Ernestina
Ernestina, ex-Effie M. Morrissey (schooner) Sea History 114: page 22


“Lewis and Clark’s Iron Experiment
Experiment (Lewis and Clark boat) Sea History 106: page 26


“Ocean Liner Mystery on the Prairie”
Lusitania (ocean liner) Sea History 105: page 27


“Was Squanto an English Sailor?”
Mayflower Sea History 105: page 25


“The Monitor & Merrimack’s Second Battle”
Monitor (ironclad) Sea History 108: page 21


“A Ground Breaking Steamboat Voyage”
New Orleans (steamboat) Sea History 105: page 26


“All Aboard a Tall Ship”
Picton Castle (barque) Sea History 111: pages 26, 27


“The Portland Resurfaces…”
Portland (steamship) Sea History 107: page 27


“Sailing to the North Pole”
USS Roosevelt Sea History 117: page 30 (no PDF)

“The Christmas Tree Ships of Lake Michigan”
Rouse Simmons (schooner) Sea History 113: page 22


“X-Wing Fighting Ships”
Sea Shadow (experimental ship) Sea History 104: page 36


Courageous Calvin”
South Dakota (battleship) Sea History 105: page 27


“The Titanic‘s Other Survivors”
Titanic lifeboats Sea History 105: page 24