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Peer into the past and discover how underwater remains tell the story of old vessels and life at sea!

“Vessels Within Vessels”
amphora Sea History 114: page 20
“Great Lakes Ghost Ship: The Cornelia B. Windiate”
Great Lakes shipwreck sites Sea History 121: page 35
“Salvaging our Sea History”
salvage and exploration rights Sea History 107: page 26
“Who in the World is a Nautical Archaeologist?”
Nautical Archaeologist Sea History 112: page 23
“Lewis and Clark’s Iron Experiment”
remains of Lewis and Clark’s boat Sea History 106: page 26
“The Portland Resurfaces…”
Portland remains Sea History 107: page 27
“A Shipwrecked Spacecraft?”
recovering Mercury 4 space capsule Sea History 108: page 20
“A Cargo of History Buried in a Kansas Field”
steamboat Arabia Sea History 104: page 36