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Just for Kids

Need some help with homework? Saw a great movie and curious to know more? Sea History for Kids is full of interesting facts about a wide variety of all things maritime -all from the pages of Sea History magazine. Click on the topic areas below to link to explore Sea History for Kids.

Named Vessels
Famous ships and vessels that made a “splash” in history
Puzzles & Games
Try your hand at “Sea History for Kids” games and puzzles!
Vessel Types
It is often said: “a boat can fit on a ship, but a ship can’t fit on a boat.”
Peer into the past! Discover how underwater remains tell the story of old vessels and life at sea.
Learn about the many, many types of sea creatures. Get acquainted with “ship’s mascots.”
Professions & Occupations
People who earn their living at jobs related to the sea.
Virtually every product ever made, bought, or sold has been affected by shipping.
Historical eras from early ocean exploration to the tales of the heroic seamen of WWII.
Famous mariners, world explorers, and notorious pirates!
Kids Making Sea History
The stories of kids throughout history who went to sea.
More to Discover!
Ship design, knot tying, ancient lighthouses, the “Nantucket Camel,” and more!