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History Cruise Aboard SS John W. Brown

Living History Cruise Aboard SS John W. Brown
Sunday, 18 September 2016

Sail back into World War II aboard a national treasure. SS John W.  Brown carries you back into wartime.

OutwardBoundExperience life aboard the last remaining troop ship from WWII.  The historic original triple-expansion steam engine powers us in convoy through the day.  Meeting soldiers, marines, sailors and civilian re-enactors help pull you back into wartime.  The entertainment gives the feel of a USO Show aboard ship. Through the day, air cover will be provided to see us safely on our journey.

JWB Swanson photoThis exciting 6-hour day cruise includes lunch (the mess provides sea rations—a deli lunch), beverages, snacks, music of the 40’s, period entertainment, and flybys (conditions permitting) of wartime aircraft. Tour museum spaces, defensive guns, crew’s quarters, cargo spaces, and troop berthing and much more. View the magnificent 140-ton triple-expansion steam engine as it powers the ship through the water.

JWB2007 Buzzard BayChairs, sunscreen, hat and a camera are great things to bring along onto the ship. Please keep in mind that this is a working cargo ship, so sensible shoes are a must.  Also, dress accordingly – layers may be best as we will be out on the water and it may be breezy, but it also may be warm and there is no air conditioning.

The ship will sail from Pier 36 at 10:00 am and return at 4:00 pm.
Passenger boarding: 8:00 am to 9:00 am.

Pier 36
299 South Street
New York, NY 10002

SS John W. Brown is the last remaining troop transport from WWII and the last to have landed troops ashore as part of an amphibious landing. It is also the oldest remaining Liberty Ship in the world. It was built in Baltimore, its present-day home port. It is a museum and maritime education center open to all ages.

Please click this link for the NMHS discounted rate: TICKET INFORMATION

Organizer: Project Liberty Ship, Inc.
Project Liberty Ship is dedicated to the preservation of the Liberty Ship SS John W. Brown as a living memorial to the men and women who built the great Liberty Fleet and to the merchant seamen and US Navy Armed Guard who sailed the ships across the oceans of the world.



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Griffiths Headstone Unveiled



On 23 July the headstone for the grave of legendary naval architect John W. Griffiths (October 6, 1809–March 30, 1882), designer of steamships, war vessels, and the record-setting clippers Sea Witch and Rainbow, at Linden Hill United Methodist Cemetery in Ridgewood, Queens. The monument was designed by NMHS Advisory Committee Chair Melbourne Smith. Capt. Matt Carmel offered these remarks:

Welcome everyone. I am Captain Matt Carmel and was volunteered to give today’s weekly shipboard sermon from the quarterdeck, often known as “a few words from the holy book and get back to work.” I hope Rabbi Singer is watching from above because based on my expulsion from Hebrew school 45 years ago, he must be thinking nes gadol haya sham: “a great miracle happened there.”

No one likes a long speech, so I will keep it brief. But before I begin, I would like to say a few words.


No man is an island,
Entire of itself,
Every man is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manor of thy friend’s
Or of thine own were:
Any man’s death diminishes me,
Because I am involved in mankind,
And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls;
It tolls for thee.

These famous lines are by John Donne, a metaphysical poet and cleric in the Church of England. The passage is taken from his 1624 Meditation 17, Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions. Its meaning can be distilled to a common truth. Human beings necessarily depend on each other.

The idea for honoring John Willis Griffiths was born out of a “friendly” political difference between myself and Melbourne Smith, alternately of esteemed and dubious repute, depending on whether or not the “sun is below the yard”. And not “yard arm” as he often corrects the uninitiated.

So one day I hazarded a discussion on current political matters and affairs of state. One thing lead to another, it came to blows and we were knocked on our beam ends. But time heals all wounds.

As a gesture of reconciliation, I conspired with my sister, a fellow traveler, to take a gravestone rubbing of his adopted patron ship designer and mentor. My first task was to find where Griffiths was buried which was a task in and of itself. Undaunted, I ultimately came to this hallowed ground. And what to my surprise should I find? Melbourne’s patron had no headstone at all. Why this was so remains shrouded in mystery.

Not one to pass up an opportunity to make a nuisance of myself, I convinced several friends and new found acquaintances to join me in my quest to raise sufficient funds for erecting a proper headstone on Griffiths final resting place.

And succeed we did. by finding our real life patron Bruce Johnson, director of business development of the Brooklin Boat Yard, whose non-profit foundation footed the bulk of the cost. The fruits of his generosity, and others, will be unveiled here today.

In addition to Bruce, our indebtedness extends to fellow shipmates and hardy tars, in alphabetical order:

Adam Brodsky, Deputy Editorial Page Editor of the NY Post
Dr. Larrie Ferreiro, Adjunct Professor of System Engineering at Catholic University
Steve Gorelick, Executive Director of the NJ Motion Picture & Television Commission
Burchenal Green, President of the National Maritime Historical Society
Charles Lauber, Superintendent of the Linden Hill United Methodist Cemetery
Michael Lewis, President of the Lewis Monument Co.
Ron Oswald, Chairman of the National Maritime Historical Society
Charles Ricciardi, Operations & Creative Director of the NJ Motion Picture & Television Commission
Lewis Brett Smiler, research consultant to The Thomas Edison Papers
And lastly, Melbourne Smith, President of the International Historical Watercraft Society

Theologian John of Salisbury, wrote a Latin treatise on logic in 1159 called Metalogicon, in which he said:

“We are like dwarfs sitting on the shoulders of giants. We see more, and things that are more distant, than they did, not because our sight is superior or because we are taller than they, but because they raise us up, and by their great stature add to ours.”

So now we come to the brief part. To my fellow clods of earth who one day will be washed away by the sea, let’s cheer our codependency and America’s great maritime achievements. Huzzah!


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2016 NMHS Annual Awards Dinner

The National Maritime Historical Society invites you to join us in honoring those who have contributed to our maritime heritage.





PETER STANFORD (1927–2016)

New York Yacht Club
37 W 44th Street
New York, New York 10036

Reception at 6:00 PM; Dinner at 7:00 PM
Black tie optional. Military: Dinner Dress Blue.

This affair is traditionally sold out and seating is limited, so early responses are recommended.

Individual tickets are $400 per person.
Call 914 737-7878  x  0, or email to make your Reservation, or to inquire about our Sponsorship Opportunities.


Charles H. Townsend

townsendAs chairman of Condé Nast and commodore of the New York Yacht Club, Charles Townsend used his great knowledge and love of sailing, yachting and yacht racing to promote sailing and our maritime heritage. He has used his influence in publishing to promote the maritime field. He has also been a great supporter of the International Yacht Restoration School, which teaches boatbuilding skills to new generations. He acknowledges that his childhood immersed in the rich maritime culture of Maryland’s Eastern Shore shaped his entire life. The National Maritime Historical Society is honored to recognize his support, dedication and leadership with the Distinguished Service Award.

Captain Cesare Sorio
The David A. O’Neil Sheet Anchor Award, given in recognition of extraordinary leadership in building the strength and outreach of the Society, will be presented to Captain Cesare Sorio. During his fifteen years at sea, Captain Sorio served on various types of vessels, including coastal cargo, sailing and motor yachts, ocean trading tankers and worldwide cruising passenger ships. His experience ashore spans ship building, conversion, and repair; vessel acquisition; and marine operations. He is a member of the American Bureau of Shipping’s Council and Classification Committee. Captain Sorio’s knowledge and talent have been invaluable on the NMHS Executive Committee and as chairman of the Program Committee. Thanks to his leadership and outreach, we have a stronger and more influential Society.

Tribute to Peter Stanford (1927-2016)stanford
The Society will offer a tribute to the memory of Peter Stanford, founding president of the South Street Seaport Museum, president emeritus of the National Maritime Historical Society, longtime editor of Sea History magazine, and prolific author. His efforts contributed to the preservation of countless historic vessels and the establishment of such organizations as the American Society of Marine Artists and the Council of American Maritime Museums. We will honor his work and contributions for more than half a century to the field of maritime history.

George W. Carmany III, previous recipient of the NMHS Distinguished Service Award, will serve as the dinner chair, and Richard T. du Moulin, award-winning yachtsman, will be Master of Ceremonies. The US Coast Guard Academy Cadet Chorale, directed by Dr. Robert Newton, will provide the evening’s entertainment.

Chairman George W. Carmany III
Charles B. Anderson; Peter A. Aron; Walter R. Brown; RADM Joseph F. Callo, USN (Ret.); James Coleman; Nicholas Colucci; Richard T. du Moulin; Dr. William Dudley; David S. Fowler; Burchenal Green; William J. Green; Karen Helmerson; Capt. Howard R. Hill; Robert James, Gary Jobson; Richard Larrabee; A. L. Chip Loomis; Richardo Lopes; Guy E. C. Maitland; Davis S. Margold, Brian McAllister; CAPT Sally Chin McElwreath, USN (Ret.); Captain James J. McNamara; Michael W. Morrow; Richard O’Leary; Erik K. Olstein; Ronald L. Oswald; Admiral Robert J. Papp Jr., USCG (Ret.); Rives Potts; Charles A. Robertson; Dr. Timothy J. Runyan; Richard Scarano; Philip Shapiro; Howard Slotnick; Bradford D. Smith; Gary Van Dis, Roberta Weisbrod; William H. White; Jean Wort

We are honored that renowned marine artist John Stobart has generously donated a spectacular oil painting in memory of his friend and NMHS founder, the late Peter Stanford. This item will be a very exciting highlight to our LIVE auction and even if you are unable to attend, you can still participate in this auction  to support the National Maritime Historical Society.  We are most grateful for this incredible donation and are excited to offer you an opportunity to own an original John Stobart!

One of the many exciting aspects of the National Maritime Historical Society Annual Awards Dinner in Washington is the live and silent auctions, which give maritime enthusiasts a chance to own and experience unique nautical pieces, artwork, resort vacations, and insider tours, and more. Please support the Society and make it possible for us to continue our work honoring those most esteemed contributors to our maritime legacy.

LOOK at our fantastic LIVE AND SILENT auction items including the John Stobart painting and other artwork, resort vacations, jewelry, boating and yacht tours, maritime books, and much, much more ….

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Charles Point Seminars Return in September

“Research Vessels: Geophysical Expeditions to Antarctica
and Mapping 160 miles of the Hudson River”

A Talk by Dr. Robin Bell

Saturday, 26 September, 2015
Hendrick Hudson Free Library
185 Kings Ferry Road, Montrose, NY  10548
Coffee & Registration at 10:30 AM; Lecture at 11:00 AM

Join the National Maritime Historical Society for our September Charles Point Seminar, presented by Dr. Robin Bell, Senior Research Scientist at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University.

Dr. Bell has worked for over 20 years at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory coordinating nine major aero-geophysical expeditions to Antarctica and Greenland in order to study polar ice sheet collapse. Closer to home, since 1998, she led the Hudson River Estuary Project team, mapping over 160 miles of the Hudson River from Staten Island to Albany and discovering dozens of sunken ships and historical artifacts along the way.

Robin Bell on the west Antarctic ice sheet, 1991Cost: Lecture – $5 to $10 suggested donation.
After the lecture, NMHS will host a luncheon for Dr. Bell – $22 prepaid and cash bar. Reservations required, email NMHS or call 914 737-7878 x0.

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Dock Rocks—Concert to Benefit South Street Seaport Museum

Citing “unforeseen logistical problems at the site,” South Street Seaport Museum has cancelled this event. According to Museum Executive Director Jonathan Boulware, organizers are now planning an alternative fundraiser for the museum in October that will include many of the same performers.

DOCK ROCKS – Party on the Piers
with Duran Duran, Wyclef Jean, & Special Guests

A Concert to Benefit South Street Seaport Museum
Tuesday, August 4, 2015 from 4:30 PM to 10:30 PM (EDT)

Adobe Photoshop PDFSupport the South Street Seaport Museum and experience an unforgettable night of music, drink, and food on the East River’s Pier 15 & 16 set in front of a beautiful Brooklyn backdrop. Duran Duran will headline a lineup of surprise artists which DOCK ROCKS will unveil in the weeks leading up to the show. A range of options is available, from general-admission tickets to the concert pier to VIP viewing from a number of unique historic ships and yachts surrounding the Concert Pier 16 and Viewing Pier 15, and a fabulous after-party.

“Dock Rocks will be instrumental in our efforts to revitalize the Seaport Museum post-Sandy. The concert will showcase the Seaport Museum’s historic ships to nearly 6,000 visitors in a completely unique way,” said Captain Jonathan Boulware, Executive Director of the South Street Seaport Museum. “This inaugural celebratory fundraiser for the Museum will support the reinvigoration of the programming that only the Seaport Museum can offer: on-water education programs, interpretation of the original port of New York, our collections, historic buildings, and fleet of ships. Whether attending a concert on the pier, out on the harbor on a floating classroom program, or touring the historic district, visitors touch, see, and interact with historic New York in ways they can only do here in the Seaport. We have been working hard to rebuild and expand this core programming and will continue this development over the next year. We’re thrilled about Dock Rocks and what it means for the future of the Seaport Museum.”

VIP attendees will have the option of enjoying the concert from one of nine historic ships and party boats positioned around the stage and at Pier 15. This luxury option offers all ticketholders access to the concert pier along with a range of celebrity hosted experiences and after-parties featuring world-class DJs. Participating ships include the museum’s historic Peking, Ambrose, and Pioneer, along with NY Water Taxi and Zephyr luxury yacht and Hornblower Cruises’  Infinity, Hybrid, Sensation, and the Esprit—all of which provide elevated stage views, open bars, food, A/C and exclusive floating nightclub experiences.

Partners & Sponsors include: The South Street Seaport Museum, The Swatch Group, Crystal Head Vodka, Modern Luxury, NY Water Taxi, Goslings Rum, Hornblower Cruises, Pledge Music, Fieldhouse Music and City Hall Restaurant.

Go to for further details and ticket information.

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Time Running Out For Falls of Clyde


Falls of Clyde ca 1900

Falls of Clyde ca. 1900

The 1878 iron-hulled ship Falls of Clyde is facing a deadline. The state of Hawaii, concerned about the condition of the ship and the delays in getting her into dry dock, has given the Friends of the Falls of Clyde until August to present a restoration plan, along with the backing to make it happen.

Launched on 12 December 1878, the four-masted full-rigged ship Falls of Clyde sailed for twenty years for the Falls line, carrying cargo such as lumber, jute, cement and wheat. In 1898 she was purchased by Capt. William Matson, who registered her in Hawaii, anticipating that she would be granted American registry when Hawaii became an American territory. She sailed between Hawaii and San Francisco, carrying molasses to the mainland and returning with kerosene generally making excellent time for the route; on her best crossing, she made the journey in eight days.



Eventually converting his fleet to steam, Matson sold the Falls in 1907, to the Associated Oil Company for $85,000. She was converted to a tanker, carrying 756,000 gallons of oil between California and Honolulu. Associated, too, finally saw the need to convert its fleet, and Falls of Clyde served as a charter vessel for a brief stint before her masts were cut down to serve as a floating gasoline depot in Ketchikan, Alaska.

In 1963 the ship’s owners planned to scuttle her for a breakwater in Vancouver, British Columbia, but the Honolulu Advertiser raised $25,000 to return the Falls to Hawaii, and the US Navy supplied the tow to Honolulu’s waterfront, where enthusiastic volunteers carried out much-needed restoration work; in 1984 she was named a National Historic Monument by the National Parks Service. Her condition began to deteriorate, however, and by 2008 Falls of Clyde, then owned by the Bishop Museum, faced an estimated $30 million in restoration costs; the Bishop Museum developed plans to sink the ship offshore. The Friends of the Falls of Clyde formed and purchased her from the Bishop museum for $1, with the goal of raising those funds and restoring the ship. The organization has established an Indiegogo campaign to raise the money to get the ship into dry dock.

Commemorative coin offered to donors of $100 or more to the fundraising campaign

Commemorative coin offered to donors of $100 or more to the fundraising campaign



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Charles W. Morgan: The 38th Voyage

The 38th Voyage: Charles W. Morgan
May 17 – August 6, 2014

Charles W. Morgan's 38th Voyage.  CREDIT: Mystic Seaport

Charles W. Morgan’s 38th Voyage. CREDIT: Mystic Seaport

Mystic Seaport has announced that Charles W. Morgan completed her 38th voyage on 6 August, 2014. The ship has now resumed her role as an exhibit and the flagship of Mystic Seaport.  For more information on her voyage, please visit the Mystic Seaport website.

Over an 80-year career, the 1841 whaleship Charles W. Morgan sailed on 37 voyages to remote corners of the globe. In May of 2014, following a five-year, multi-million dollar restoration, the ship set out on her 38th Voyage — perhaps her most important — to raise awareness of America’s maritime heritage and to call attention to issues of ocean sustainability and conservation. It was the first time the National Historic Landmark had left Mystic Seaport since her arrival in 1941.

The Charles W. Morgan Sails on Block Island Sound 6-15-14.  CREDIT: Mystic Seaport

The Charles W. Morgan Sails on Block Island Sound 6-15-14. CREDIT: Mystic Seaport

With Captain Richard “Kip” Files at the helm, the Morgan departed Mystic Seaport on May 17 and visited New London, CT, Newport, RI, Vineyard Haven, MA, New Bedford, MA, the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Boston, and the Massachusetts Maritime Academy as part of the centennial celebration of the opening of the Cape Cod Canal.

During her three day sails to Stellwagen Bank with NOAA, the public was able to follow the Morgan’s visit to the sanctuary on OceansLIVE.  The live broadcast offered interviews and commentary with historians, scientists, authors, and artists discussing the shift from whaling to watching in New England.

Sailing the 1841 whaleship was a maritime event not seen since the 1920s. Due to her status as a National Historic Landmark, the ship proceeded to each scheduled port on a one-day sail so that she could be safely berthed in the next harbor by nightfall. As weather conditions were a determining factor in the decision to head to sea each day, each port transit was scheduled with a three-day window of opportunity with the intention that the ship would sail on the first acceptable day.

Once in port, the Morgan was open to the public on select days. Additionally, the ship was accompanied by a dockside exhibition that included historic interpretation, live demonstrations, music, waterfront activities, and Spouter, a life-sized inflatable model of a sperm whale.

The Morgan completed her historic 38th Voyage on August 6. The ship is docked at Chubb’s Wharf and has resumed her role as an exhibit and the flagship of Mystic Seaport.





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Massachusetts State Budget Approves $2 Million to Fund Mayflower II Restoration

CREDIT: Plimoth Plantation, Mayflower II

CREDIT: Plimoth Plantation, Mayflower II

Massachusetts State Budget Approves $2 Million 
to Fund Mayflower II Restoration

Preservation Work Continues on the Historic Ship Given to America
as a Symbol of Friendship Nearly 60 Years Ago

Plymouth, MA–July 14, 2014 – Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed the 2015 fiscal year budget which includes $2 million in funding for the restoration of Mayflower II on Friday, July 11, 2014. The iconic ship is a centerpiece exhibit of Plimoth Plantation and one of the Commonwealth’s leading tourism attractions, drawing millions of people from around the world to learn about the Pilgrims and the United States’ early Colonial history. The significant restoration of the 57-year-old wooden ship is scheduled for completion by 2020, the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ arrival.

Funding will be used to complete an extensive round of repairs and restoration including replacing several planks, frames, and knees sourced from rare white oak. Further plans are to rebuild the topside half-deck, repair the transom, poop deck, and starboard half-deck. Gangway improvements, hemp-line rigging, sail replacement, and new paint are also planned.

Mayflower II was a gift to the people of the United States from the people of England in appreciation of America’s assistance during World War II.  In a message of goodwill read at Mayflower II’s launch in September of 1956, then Governor of Massachusetts, Christian A. Herter wrote, “I am stirred by the spirit of good will that prompted your people to give so generously to a craft that will soon sail far away. Godspeed your valiant ship to our shores.  We shall take loving care of it, and treasure it always as a living monument of friendship between our nations.”

The ship set sail from Plymouth, England on April 20, 1957 with a crew of 33 men. Arriving in Plymouth, Massachusetts 55 days later, she was greeted by large crowds and celebrations including tributes by Vice President Richard Nixon and Senator John F. Kennedy. Mayflower II’s journey was chronicled by some of the era’s leading publications, including Life Magazine, National Geographic, and was prominently reported by the international news media. Since then, the ship has been a beloved fixture on Plymouth’s historic waterfront, and an anchor for the town and region’s robust tourism economy.

Plimoth Plantation hopes that the State’s funding will bring further attention to Mayflower II’s unique and important role in American history and act as a catalyst for additional support for the ship’s educational mission and continued care.  Efforts are underway to fully fund the ship’s ongoing maintenance for decades to come.  For more information on Mayflower II and Plimoth Plantation, please visit their website at


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Coast Guard Art Program Presentation with Award-Winning Artist Karen Loew

The National Maritime Historical Society 
Invites You to Join Us for
a Coast Guard Art Program Presentation with Award-Winning Artist Karen Loew

CREDIT: Karen Loew, “Escorting the Harriet Lane”

Saturday, 27 September, 2014
Coffee is at 10:30 am. Presentation begins at 11:00 am.
Hendrick Hudson Free Library, 185 Kings Ferry Road, Montrose, NY 10548

Award-winning artist Karen Loew will host a special presentation of “Patriotism through Volunteerism,” on Saturday, 27 September. She will illustrate her talk with images of selected works from the COGAP Collection. As chair of the Coast Guard Art Program (COGAP) Ms. Loew has traveled across the globe to document activities of the Coast Guard and display her work. A recipient of the Coast Guard Distinguished Public Service Award, the highest recognition given to those who have made outstanding contributions in advancing the Coast Guard’s missions, Ms. Loew has had twenty-one paintings accepted into the Coast Guard Art Program Collection and is also a recipient of COGAP’s George Gray Award for Artistic Excellence for her work “Harbor Rendezvous,” shown below.  For more information on Ms. Loew, please visit

CREDIT: Karen Loew, “Harbor Rendezvous”

Today, the COGAP collection comprises over 1,800 works capturing the daily missions the nearly 42,500 men and women on active duty in the Coast Guard perform, including homeland security, search and rescue, marine environmental protection, drug interdiction, military readiness and natural resource management. Through displays at museums, libraries and patriotic events, COGAP uses fine art as an outreach tool for educating diverse audiences about the Coast Guard’s missions, heroes and history.

The Public is invited. Please contact the National Maritime Historical Society at 914-737-7878, ext. 0 if you plan to attend. A $5 donation is appreciated. If you would also like to join us for lunch following the presentation, it is $22 prepaid, with cash bar. Reservations required.  Sign up here today, call us at 914-737-7878, ext. 0, or e-mail us at to reserve your place!

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Coast Guard Inaugural Art Exhibit – Federal Hall National Memorial

Coast Guard Inaugural Art Exhibit
Federal Hall National Memorial, 26 Wall Street, New York City
August 1 though September 19, 2014

Karen Loew - Escorting the Harriet Lane

Karen Loew – Escorting the Harriet Lane

Artwork depicting the United States Coast Guard’s multi-faceted missions will be on view in the Rotunda of the  Federal Hall National Memorial from August 1 though September 19, 2014.

Karen Loew - USCGC Nantucket at GTMO

Karen Loew – USCGC Nantucket at GTMO

The Coast Guard Art Program (COGAP) uses fine art as an outreach tool for educating diverse audiences about the United States Coast Guard, its people and missions. Through public displays at museums, galleries, libraries, and patriotic events, Coast Guard art tells the story of the service’s unique contribution to the nation in its multifaceted roles as a military, humanitarian and law enforcement organization.

 The Federal Hall National Memorial is located at 26 Wall Street in New York City, and is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.  The exhibition is free and open to the public.  There are numerous ways to get to Federal Hall; public transportation is recommended and inoformation can be found at and

Karen Loew - To the Rescue

Karen Loew – To the Rescue

Images of the new works can be seen at  Simply open the exhibit tab on the left “2006 to present,” then open the table of contents and scroll to the listings near the bottom of the page beginning with 2014.  Works from Karen Loew, who will be our featured speaker at the Charles Point Seminar at Hendrick Hudson Free Library on 27 September.




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